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  • "Both doctors in the office have helped immensely with chronic postural and subsequent neck and back issues. Love the office environment as well!"
    Katherine H.
  • "Dr. James Herman is a highly gifted and skilled physician! I know this because I have been a licensed Chiropractor myself since 1984 for some 30 plus years. After my 95year old mother sustained a fall off of her mobility scooter that caused her daily debilitating pain, she sought care from various medical doctors.Both MRI and CT scans showed severe lumbar disc degeneration, spinal stenosis and foraminal encroachment. She was unable to walk 10 feet without moderate to severe pain and sought help from various MDs, Osteopaths, Neurologists and pain doctors. After trying numerous spinal blocks and other modalities including acupuncture, nothing touched the pain. Until the fall, my Mom was highly active, the accident took a severe toll on her lifestyle and well being.Living out West, I sought someone who did lumbar flexion/ distraction work in Michigan. I heard about Dr. Herman, made a call and he agreed to try and help my Mom’s condition. Both he and his staff, my Mom reports, made her feel “totally at home”. She raved about how attentive everyone was. You can not believe the exhilaration our family felt when, the day after my Moms treatment with Dr. Herman, she told us that her pain walking was greatly decreased. After 5 months of excruciating pain, frustration, confinement and immobility, my Mom was able to walk around her apartment after one treatment with Dr. Herman. 3 days later, she was able to walk even further with minimal discomfort. She will continue treatment until maximum recovery is achieved. There is a saying in the scriptures that states “is you save one life, it is as though you saved all of humanity”. Dr. Herman, from this Doctor, his entire family and all of the folks that love my Mom, THANK YOU and God Bless You for a Miracle well done!!! Sincerely, Mark L. VOSKO D.C."
    Mark L. VOSKO D.C.
  • "Dr. Herman is a tremendous practitioner. He had been treating a herniated disk s1 l5 and I am getting results, using disk decompression machine."
    Rob T.


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